Performing at the Sefton Park Palm House

Concert at Sefton Park Palm House                                                                                                 Ray Sothcott

Sunday 28th April 2019


As a child born in Wavertree, Sefton Park was visited fairly regularly.  Extra special days were when there was a Band playing in the Bandstand.  As time passed I was taken by junior school teachers to Industrial Concerts at the Philharmonic where we sat directly behind the orchestra – what a thrill. While at this Primary School I started playing the Trumpet which started my ambition to play in that Bandstand.

Now, 60 years later during my retirement, I have started playing again and although I have still not played in the Bandstand I am thrilled to have played several times in the Palm House, with different Concert Bands over the last 10 years.

The music played depends on the time of year and how many instruments are available. This year we played two 50 minute sessions with a 20 minute break and included several pieces which included a vocalist.

Set 1

Sprach Zarathustra, Andromeda, City of Stars, Sing, Sing, Sing, Beyond the Sea, Lullaby of Broadway, Dances with Wolves and Mary Poppins

Set 2

Thunderbolt, The Great Escape,  Amparito Roca,  Carousel,  Fly Me to the Moon,  Alfie,  Bandology,  Flourish for Wind Band,  Crown Imperial and Pirates of the Caribbean

This is a great venue and no matter what the weather, we always get an enthusiastic audience. This time, however, the audience was larger than normal and extremely enthusiastic. Never before have we been cheered nor has the Audience given us a standing ovation. Spine-chillingly amazing, it makes all the effort worthwhile.

Needless to say I was saddened to learn that this will be the last time I will play there – unless I’m part of a small group (no more than 12 strong). Perhaps this management decision partly explains the audience reaction – their way of showing the Palm House Management that they want the big bands to continue.

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